Argyle Pink™ Diamonds – A Rare Piece of Australia


Beyond Rare.

So precious are these stones, that for every million carats of rough pink diamonds produced from the mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale by annual tender.

There has never been a diamond mine that produces rare pink diamonds like the Argyle Diamond Mine, which recently marked its 30th year. The rarest of all diamonds will become rarer still. It is estimated that there are less than 500 tender quality Argyle pink diamonds left to be discovered.

It is inevitable that this ultimate limited edition would speak to collectors of fine art. These stones are also creations nurtured by the artisanal skill of the world’s finest cutters and polishers.


Rohan Jewellery, an Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™.

With less than thirty Select Atelier™ Jewellers worldwide, Rohan Jewellery is proud to be recognised among this exclusive group of trusted Jewellers,
as specialists in Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Specialising in bespoke jewellery and coloured diamonds, Rohan Jewellery is a manufacturing jewellery studio located in Leederville Western Australia.7

As specialists in these rare and coveted stones, we have international clients and collectors across Australia and New York.

If you are interested in discussing further details of Argyle Pink or coloured diamonds, please contact Rohan Milne to discuss your requirements.

We invite you to discover the rarity, beauty and luxury that is Argyle Pink Diamonds.


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