Colour and Clarity

Pink is the most intriguing of all diamond colours. A very different diamond.

The source of its colour, still largely unknown, is generally thought to be a twist within the atomic lattice during formation; quite different from the impurities that create other diamond colours. While colourless diamonds are graded by clarity, by formulaic criteria, the established ‘Four Cs’, the Argyle pink diamond cannot be pigeonholed or commoditised. Each diamond is intensely individual, each with its own strong personality. Even the smallest pink diamond has a powerful presence. Character and charisma. It is the intensity of colour that determines the value and rarity of an Argyle pink diamond. The deeper, more intense the colour, the rarer, more valuable, desirable, collectable.

Assessing a pink diamond is a subjective exercise, demanding a special level of cultivated understanding, refined sensibility and knowledge. It involves instinct and intuition, emotional engagement, as well as expertise and experience. Quantifying a pink diamond is about the intensity and subtlety of the three components of colour: hue, tone and saturation, and the way they play with light, interacting with the fire and brilliance of the stone. All reasons why the Argyle pink diamond has become part of today’s culture of discerning connoisseurship. An Argyle pink diamond possesses a sophisticated, understated glamour, that is appreciated like a work of fine art; of rare, natural, captivating beauty.