Cleaning your Jewellery

Workshop at Rohan JewelleryAll jewellery, particularly jewellery worn on a daily basis, requires ongoing maintenance and care to ensure it remains in peak condition.

We take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship, design and meticulous attention to detail. As such, every piece handcrafted by Rohan Jewellery comes with an ongoing care programme: peace of mind that for generations to come your jewellery will be meticulously cared for by Rohan Jewellery’s team of professionals.
As part of this, all we ask is that you bring your jewellery in for a professional service every 12 months and once in the first 6 months after purchase.



Just like having your car serviced, an annual professional service by Rohan Jewellery will help to ensure your jewellery stays safe and in peak condition. The Rohan Jewellery professional service entails the following:

• A detailed inspection of your jewellery to check for wear, tear and safety.
• A thorough clean and polish.
• White gold jewellery may require a rhodium plate to maintain the brightness of the gold.

Workshop at Rohan Jewellery*Please note that fixing any damage beyond normal wear and tear may incur a charge. A professional service may take a couple of days, depending on the work that may be required. Be sure to email or call in advance to book your jewellery in.



As well as the annual professional service, we encourage you to bring your jewellery in for a complimentary ‘quick clean’ anytime you are passing. Depending on how busy our workshop is, we may be able to do this within a few hours and on occasions, while you wait. This will maintain the sparkle and radiance of your jewellery.