Jewellery Care


Remove your jewellery when undertaking heavy work with your hands such as working out at the gym (particularly lifting weights), gardening or heavy lifting.

Remove your jewellery when carrying out domestic chores, particularly when using chemicals such as chlorine or bleach (these products can damage the finish and lustre of your jewellery).

When you are not wearing your jewellery, be sure to store it in a protective box or pouch away from other jewellery to avoid unnecessary scratches.

If you have knocked or dropped your jewellery, and you have, or think you may have, damaged it, do not continue to wear it. Please bring it into us as soon as possible so we can conduct a full safety check to ensure there is no damage.

Above all, please be mindful that you are wearing a piece of fine jewellery handcrafted from natural materials. While some of these materials are hardwearing, your jewellery should be treated with absolute care.