Charity & Community: David Wirrpanda Foundation

  • 2.10.2009

Be the change you want to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Rohan Jewellery firmly believes in giving back to the world. We are a proud Partner of the David Wirrpanda Foundation which exists to improve the life outcomes of of indigenous children by promoting strong role models and healthy life choices. In the words of David Wirrpanda:

Our partnership with Rohan Jewellery has been extremely  beneficial to the foundation in many ways.

Rohan’s professionalism and unique artistic design encompasses the values of our foundation, Rohan’s interpretation and  ability to create resonates with me on  how strong my heritage is to me. My heritage has given me the strength to present aboriginal culture  to the wider community. Through the work at the foundation we aim to improve the lives of Indigenous children.

Rohan‘s contribution has assisted  us to continue our work in the community” 

David Wirrpanda

September 2008: Rohan Jewellery designed and handcrafted a neckpiece that was auctioned at a Perth Fashion Festival event raising $24,500 for the David Wirrpanda Foundation.

With 60 hours of craftsmanship, the neckpiece was designed to reflect Indigenous culture:

‘Using the natural elements from the Northwest of Australia, the neckpiece is inlaid with pieces of carved boab wood, white and pink Argyle diamonds and a large free form keshi pearl from the same region. This is all bought together with 18ct gold and platinum. It was decided to incorporate the wood from the iconic Boab Tree to represent its use in indigenous culture. The wood is used for food, medicine, shelter and art work. We have created a wearable piece of jewellery that incorporates unique free flowing design, indigenous culture and precious materials’.

Rohan Milne

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