Rohan Jewellery visits Anak Anak Orphanage, Bali

  • 9.9.2010

Rohan, Toni and Winnie had the pleasure of visiting the delightful children at Anak Anak Orphanage in Bali last week. There were smiles, singing and plenty of laughter as we met the kids and had a tour of the Orphanage. We can’t thank Brent and the kids enough for this wonderful experience and making us so welcome.  Terima kasih!

If you are heading to Bali on holiday, we urge you to make the 30 minute trip from Seminyak (pending traffic) to visit Brent and the kids.

Please check out the website to see how you can make a donation. There are also simple items you can bring from Australia that are difficult to get in Bali that would be very much appreciated.

Whilst Bali is a beautiful island full of five star resorts, you will also discover that there are over 4,000 orphans living in appalling conditions. Orphanages such as Bali Kids Anak Anak and the bigger project of Carry on Kids offer hope to these children.

Our visit marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Rohan Jewellery and Bali Kids. We will definitely be back soon.  Stay tuned for more details.


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