Rohan Jewellery OPEN in the State Buildings

  • 20.1.2016

We are excited to announce we have opened our Rohan Jewellery boutique in the newly restored State Buildings in the centre of Perth.

The former government buildings have been reimagined, re-invigorated and returned as a vibrant hub of retail and hospitality offerings, including COMO The Treasury hotel.

‘I knew I wanted to be part of the restored State Buildings as soon as I stepped inside the iconic Postal Hall. The reinstatement of this incredible building, so rich in history, has reinvigorated the city of Perth. The focus on West Australian skilled artisans is wholeheartedly aligned with the Rohan Jewellery philosophy of traditionally handcrafted jewellery using the most premium Australian metals and stones. Rohan Milne

We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible precinct. If you are in the city, please drop by and say hello. Our opening hours are detailed below

Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Mon – Thu: 10am – 6pm

Fri: 10am – 7pm

Sat: 10am – 4pm




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