Trending: Coloured Gemstones

  • 13.1.2017

Colour continues to trend at Rohan Jewellery with many recent custom commissions, designed around coloured diamonds and gemstones.

As seen in a recent feature in Qantas Magazine and currently gracing our Leederville studio, this Art Deco inspired ring (pictured above) features a 1.49ct natural, purple Ceylon sapphire with a decorative diamond halo. Showcasing colour beautifully, we think this beauty would make a perfect gift for someone special.

Moving into blue and only just out of the Rohan Jewellery workshop, our stunning Spinel and diamond ring features an incredible vibrance. The spinel is alive with steely blue hues and at 2,28ct, this beauty is sure to make a statement.


This striking pink sapphire ring never fails to impress. Handcrafted in 18ct white gold, this ring features a 3.29ct natural pink sapphire with stunning white diamond detail. The beauty also lies beneath with Argyle Pink Diamond and rose gold detail.


This beauty has since found a home but deserves a place when talking about colour. The emerald cut beryl features a fresh green hue that is alive with life and light. Paired beautifully with a stunning halo of brilliant white diamonds, this is one statement ring we all fell in love with.


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