In our world of gems and jewels, of luxury and exclusivity, the Argyle pink diamond is the ultimate, authentic limited edition. Limited by nature. Created billions of years ago, deep in the Earth’s core, by the near-incomprehensible randomness of natural phenomena, immense heat and pressure, that came together to form extraordinary crystals, making the pink diamond a fabulous fluke of nature. Nature has the last word. Only a very limited supply remains, estimated to last for a decade or less, after which the Argyle pink diamond will become a historic, ‘heritage’ diamond, very likely enveloped in myths and legends, and desperately sought by collectors across the globe. The ultimate possession.

Even today, while the Argyle Diamond Mine unearths more pink diamonds than any other mine in the world, just one tenth of one per cent of diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine is pink. An entire year’s worth of Argyle pink diamonds over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand. The rarest of the rare, blue and violet, would barely fill a teaspoon.

The value of rarity is one of the most significant factors in today’s diamond, gemstone and jewellery market, building dreams and desire, driving prices and demand. It is part of today’s ever-escalating quest for the supremely exceptional and the truly unique. The Argyle pink diamond is one of the most coveted and valuable gemstones in the world. Yet its compelling fascination reaches even beyond monetary or worldly worth, beyond its rarity and physical beauty. The Argyle pink diamond connects with the infinite and the unknowable. It tells of immortality, unfading beauty, perfection in a world of chaos. It takes man’s relationship with gemstones to a new level. The Argyle pink diamond answers the quest for the timeless, the ultimate, the absolute. The one.