Engagement rings

The crafting of your engagement ring begins in the hands of our skilled Designer

Our Designers are gifted in bringing your words to life, and this begins by them firstly asking:

“what is important to you in a design?”

It is only by listening that our Designers can begin to transform your ideas into sketches. Simple yet precise, these illustrations will capture all that is important to you; crafting a design which will become one of a kind.

As part of the design process, you will have the opportunity to view a selection of precious stones and metals for your consideration. With the knowledge and expertise of Rohan and his Designers you will receive professional guidance in selecting the perfect combination to bring your unique design to life.

Uncut precious pink diamonds are rare and as precious as your ring

As one of just a handful of jewellers around the world chosen by Argyle Diamonds to become a Select Atelier; Rohan Jewellery has exclusive access to acquire one of the world’s most desired of gems – the Pink Diamond direct from Argyle Diamonds. So rare and precious are these stones that barely a handful is recovered from the remote East Kimberly region of Western Australia each year.

Very few jewellers in Western Australia or even Australia have this level of exclusive access to Argyle Diamonds Pink Diamonds. As a Select Atelier, Rohan Jewellery is able to create an even more precious and unique engagement ring for you using these rare diamonds.

The surprise is in the detail

The most intricate of detail can be incorporated into your handcrafted engagement ring. Even those few cherished words close to your heart can be inscribed for eternity.

Then of course there’s one more little surprise which will distinguish your engagement ring from the rest – the hidden Rohan Ruby.

A small ruby set on the inside of each ring, it is Rohan’s signature for all rings designed and handcrafted in his Workshop.

Be Inspired

Each engagement ring is custom designed and hand crafted by Rohan and his team. To be inspired by what is possible click here.